• 「SONIC ADVENTURE」Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition の収録内容


1 Introduction ...featuring “Open Your Heart” 試聴
2 It Doesn’t Matter ...Theme of “Sonic The Hedgehog” / トニー・ハーネル 試聴
3 Boss: CHAOS ver.0,2,4 試聴
4 Azure Blue World ...for Emerald Coast 試聴
5 Windy and Ripply ...for Emerald Coast 試聴
6 Theme of “Dr.Eggman” 試聴
7 Egg Mobile ...Boss: Egg Hornet 試聴
8 Windy Hill ...for Windy Valley 試聴
9 The Air ...for Windy Valley 試聴
10 Welcome to Station Square 試聴
11 Blue Star ...for Casinopolis 試聴
12 Mystic Ruin 試聴
13 Be Cool,Be Wild and Be Groovy ...for Ice Cap 試聴
14 Twinkle Cart ...for Twinkle Park 試聴
15 Pleasure Castle ...for Twinkle Park 試聴
16 Theme of “CHAO” 試聴
17 Join Us 4 Happy Time ...for CHAO Race 試聴
18 Run Through the Speed Highway ...for Speed Highway 試聴
19 Mt.Red: a Symbol of Thrill ...for Red Mountain 試聴
20 Egg Carrier - A Song That Keeps Us On The Move 試聴
21 Skydeck A Go!Go! ...for Sky Deck 試聴
22 Theme of “E-102γ” 試聴
23 Crazy Robo ...Boss: E-101R 試聴
24 Boss: CHAOS ver.6 試聴
25 Tricky Maze ...for Lost World 試聴
26 Theme of “Tikal” 試聴
27 Red Barrage Area ...for Hot Shelter 試聴
28 Mechanical Resonance ...for Final Egg 試聴
29 Perfect CHAOS Revival! ...Boss: Perfect CHAOS 試聴
30 Open Your Heart - Main Theme of “Sonic Adventure” - / クラッシュ40 試聴